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About Us

About usFujifilm has two corporate R&D laboratories related to membranes:

  1. Advanced Research Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan which includes the Synthetic Organic chemistry lab (SOCL) for high performance polymer technology and High Functional Materials Research Lab (HFMRL) for innovations in coating technology
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  2. Tilburg Research Laboratory (TRL) in Tilburg, The Netherlands focusing on functional membrane design, membrane applications, R&D, coating, prototyping and pre-production of membranes, design and fabrication of modules
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The Tilburg Research Laboratory is part of Fujifilm Manufacturing Europe B.V. The company site covers 63 hectare and has 3 production plants. With approximately 900 employees this is one of the largest Fujifilm production facilities of photographic materials. Aside from this production, Fujifilm Tilburg also produces membranes and modules in Tilburg and develops new products for existing and new markets. With the development of membranes Fujifilm wants to provide cost effective solutions for water purification and gas separation problems.

Our Stories

The Evolution

The power to transform
photo film Fujifilm evolutionFujifilm is the world's largest imaging company. Many of Fujifilm's new products find their roots in the company's original product: photographic film. However, our activities nowadays extend over a much wider area then only photographic film. Using the experience and know-how from our imaging history, we have diversified into many new markets. Today more than 70% of the products sold by Fujifilm have been developed over the last decade. These include medical- and life science applications. But also highly functional materials have been developed for semiconductor, photovoltaic, automotive, water treatment and gas separation applications.

From photography to membrane separation
Based on our long standing knowledge in coating thin functional layers onto substrates, Fujifilm is developing separation membranes for various industries.

The first achievements of Fujifilm membrane technology are in the field of water purification and natural gas treatment. In those business areas, membranes are increasingly competing on price and performance with conventional purification techniques. The development of Fujifilm's ion exchange membranes and gas separation membrane technology takes place at the R&D labs of Fujifilm in Tilburg, The Netherlands.  
With these membranes we aim to meet the stringent purification demands in, for instance

  • water desalination
  • power generation
  • pharmaceutical
  • chemical industry
  • natural gas treatment
  • industrial gas treatment

The Fujifilm Standard

The Fujifilm StandardFujifilm uses leading edge technologies to provide top-quality products and services. With our products we want to contribute to the advancement of technology and industry, as well as environment and human welfare. The excellent quality and process control standards are a heritage from our photographic past. It enables us to adapt these high standards into a strong R&D framework for new upcoming industries and technologies.

Anchored by a company culture of quality and customer service, Fujifilm is determined to remain a leading company. We boldly take up the challenge of developing new products and creating new value for our customers and end-users.

The Operational Excellence

Multi-layer coating technology
We have a long-standing experience in multi-layer coating and in high quality performance of manufacturing processes. This is the foundation for the development of highly functional membranes for various applications. Using new and innovative polymer technology we aim to offer you intelligent and competitive alternatives for the traditional separation technologies.

The operational excellenceBroad range of production facilities
Fujifilm strives to develop high volume, cost effective, high quality membranes. For this we have a broad range of production facilities available, ranging from lab-scale equipment via pilot scale to large volume production lines. Aside from the wide range of test and production facilities, we have clear operational procedures and standards, and a stringent quality management system.
Based on those production/pilot facilities, breakthrough membrane processes for water purification membrane and gas separation membrane was developed and being produced, which enables those membranes to become technically and economically feasible.
R&D competences
Our R&D Centre in Tilburg has an excellent analytical laboratory. This laboratory supports customer and application activities relating to our ion exchange membranes and gas separation membranes. The laboratory provides fast and secure root cause analysis. For the evaluation of membrane properties and membrane performance, an extensive set of validated test methods is available, such as:

  • Perm selectivity
  • Electrical resistance
  • Ion exchange capacity
  • Water permeation
  • Gas permeation/selectivity measurement (mixed gas)
  • Module gas separation test
  • Impurity resistance test
  • H2S exposure test